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Reference: Butyl_seal


Special butyl sealant - butyl tape to seal the windshield and rear window. One roll is successfully enough for one glass. It should be used in a dedicated groove on the gasket and in the body corner. It is also worth pressing a little in the place of the cufflinks. When inserting the glass, the two strips should connect and provide a tight barrier against...

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Reference: TUBE-KIT

Steel Brake Line Tubing Coil and Fitting Kit SAE

Brake tubes High-quality aluminized steel, pliable and easy to earn like copper, but with an original appearance. Necessary inch brake tips included3/16 (3 / 8-24 I) x 10,3/16 (7 / 16-24) x 2,3/16 (9 / 16-18 I) x 2,3/16 (1 / 2-20) x 2

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